Thomas Edison… hero or zero?

From my blog: My morning coffee with Alexander Lyubchenko trio… how are you starting off your day? Fresh fruit? Whole wheat toast with homemade strawberry spread (3 strawberries and teaspoon of honey in the Nija), almond milk 30 calories for my 8 oz. cup. You get used to the taste. After all, taste is what you are “used'” to such as: taste in clothes and music right? and you change your clothes every few years according to shifts in your “taste”, so it is “natural” for us to change our taste, and reorganize our food sources accordingly. We like the smell and look of what we eat first before our taste buds kick in… I love garlic, but when I was younger, I didn’t give it a chance b/c of the way it smelled… I got used to the smell and my taste buds accepted it as part of my diet. It’s all how you perceive life. Commercial food advertising is really the enemy of good heath (mind, body, spirit). Why? They put pleasing images into our minds for one reason… to sell their packaged, preserved, modified, denatured products, which meet the FDA code to be called “food”. How else can it get from point A to points B thru Z and make the manufacturers billions? Red dye 19 was banned in 1977 for causing cancer. Edison invented it for Ford as a rust inhibitor for his cars. How it wound up in our food is merely a question of greed on this planet. The formula was modified to fall below FDA guidelines which are not laws just regulations, and the food industry continues to use this poison. The alternative is to eat fresh daily. Reduce meat to a minimum until your taste buds no longer require satisfaction from another living soul? No animals allowed in space, and that is our final destination, either in 3D, or 4D. Water is the key to life on Earth, and in space. A common denominator… Our waste products are flushed down the toilet on Earth, but in space they will be recycled and help grow our food, and return to us as H2O. (ref. the movie Dune). Ask yourself this. In all the space movies you’ve seen since 1950’s to present day, have you ever seen fast food restaurants, vending machines, slaughter houses, freezers stocked with food? No, b/c our evolution depends on our source of fuel. Burn lean fuel and live long and prosper… ha, ty Spock. Burn denatured fuel, and throw off the same foul smoke you used to see in New Jersey off the Turnpike before “scrubbers” came into law. Still the same smoke, just a different color and with a few less toxins. So, each day you live a “life with fresh food” and an empty freezer, helps strengthen your will power to view food merely as a source of fuel or calories to burn. Learn how to count your calories, and you’ll learn how to eat better by default. This is free info I found on my cell people that worked for me b/c I applied it to my daily life, which was very easy after week 4. I lost 7 pound per month for 10 months, then 3 pounds per month for the next 4 months just counting calories and stopping at 1,500 (1,200 for women). I save 200 calorie for when i’m working late. One life. One job. Stay alive as long as possible and avoid medical bills. Doctors? All specialist. “He couldn’t treat the lacerations b/c he only fixed bones…” pretty much sums up how that system works… so much debt out of med school, caregivers have to be swallowed up by whales in order to pay off tuition. Once inside the whale, they have to conform to factory work which pays the bills, but is not very satisfying it seems. I haven’t met too many happy doctors. Who’s worried about being sued? Doctors are… so they treat illness after the fact, and pay large insurance premiums. Each doctor has a different I.Q. and outlook on: life, priorities, with personal problems, and may not be a good fit for everyone that walks in their office. One county doctor and a diet of “fresh food daily”, and you see how fast medical bills go down. Hospitals will be running special just like empty hotel at resorts for the once elderly, who now have energy to life a longer quality life instead of wasting days and hours in doctors offices and hospitals. Patients are called that b/c they need “patience” just to see the doctor. Eat fresh daily and turn all those money making not for profit factory hospitals into orphanages and free school with the money we’ll save from Medicare and Medicaid alone! Eat Red dye and die… thank Edison and Ford for this the next time you turn on your “lights” and get into your expensive car… all cars, b/c they all use the same chemicals with different tints. That’ why your steak looks delicious and fresh. The smell should be sickening just like knowing that these guys who we thought were hero/inventors, are really criminal who killed more people than the Roman Empire during their reign of terror on planet Earth. Yeah, I think a lot. Why don’t you? be love… evolve…iAndroid since 1977 (the year rd19 was banned)

New Rock Band “Mercy” coming to town…


Today is Saturday, named after Saturn, or (Saturn’s Day). May this day bring happiness and virtue to you the way it is intended to based upon it’s unique energy. Since today is technically not a work day, I decided not to post the next installment of Aging Rockers (50-75) until Monday. It’s about Sir Paul, so you don’t want to miss it. While you are reading my blog, feel free to comment. Blogging works better that way!

I want to share a story about a man, down on his luck, with tattered clothes, and a jacket that wouldn’t close because the zipper is broken, yet I learned from him, he not he from me.

It began when I was parking my car in front of a local store in the Bronx which I frequent. I noticed him standing on the corner near a city owned garbage can. He was looking for food. It looked to me like he was talking to himself. I had a bill in my hand which I needed to mail and in order to get to the mailbox, our lives had to intersect. The closer I came, the more audible his low tone rants became until I was able to determine that this wasn’t idle murmuring, he was praying!

I mailed my letter across the street from where he was standing, and overheard someone screaming at him words that I don’t care to share with you. Nevertheless, he remained calm, never breaking eye contact with this verbal abuser. By now, he had moved directly in front of the entrance to the grocery store. As I approached the door, he look at me and said, “Christ loves. I love you. Give me fifty cents please???” I tried so hard not to choke on my words as they came out of my mouth. I held back my tears. All I could do was nod in approval and say ” yeah man, I know “. I never expected to hear those words at that particular time in my life.

When I came out of the store he was gone. Gone within the 7 minutes it took me to get what I needed. As I got in my car I saw him across the street standing right in front of the mailbox. I felt compelled. I felt shame. I felt helpless that he was he and I was me, and if not for the grace of God that could be you or I. He was pacing back and forth now as a police car rolled up on the scene. I noticed they were looking at him, but not doing anything. I walked over with a paper bag in my hand and offered it to him. He gave me his undivided attention. His words were clear. His tone was angelic. His mind transcended his earthy agony as he prayed for me! Not I for him? How? Why? He asked God to bless me, not him, because he couldn’t give me anything good in return. This was the only thing in his life that had value to him. His prayerful relationship with God.

Opening the paper bag, he pulled out a big sandwich which I bought for him when I bought my smaller sandwich. I handed him twenty dollars. He looked at me and said, ” I lost my family. I know not love. I put my faith in the God above, and hopefully He’ll take me from this crowded world”.

He ate half the sandwich right in front of me as I listened in amazement to the story he began telling me. Firstly, I couldn’t believe how well and soft spoken he was until I learned that he graduated from college. His mind was confused though. I could tell he needed someone to listen. My entire interaction with him took place in under ten minutes. Not very long in the cosmic scale of things. It didn’t delay me, or distract me from my tasks at hand. Instead it energized me to examine me. I determined that I, like you are so blessed compared to some other souls on this planet. I came away from my encounter with the “fifty cents man” a better person, not he. Life is funny sometimes.

When I got home I composed my song entitled: Give Me Fifty Cents to honor this man. This intelligent man. Down on his luck man who could be you or I.

His parting words to me after indicating that he was ashamed to take the food from me because he had nothing of value to give me in return… except to include me in his prays. “I feel real bad man because I can’t give you anything good in return. All I have left is just this one little thing that never seems to run out, because I fill it up with His merciful love.” He was clutching a picture of his wife and his kid who he lost in a car accident five years earlier.

i Android was a name I chose for myself back in 1977 when I played my first live gig featuring all original songs. iAndroid grew up, got married and had children and a career putting my love for music on hold. About two years ago, something happened and iA
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Aging Rockers (50-75) today Bob Dylan


Welcome to the third installment in my series about Aging Rockers, and how their success impacted millions of lives, including their own. The first two posts were about Mick Jagger and Brian Wilson. If you haven’t read them already please do so, and feel free to comment. Blogging works better that way! That being said, Robert A. Zimmerman (76), sold over 1 million records, putting him up there in very good company. One can only imagine if digital downloads were available in 1965 just how huge that number would be today. Anyone want to speculate?

While performing at his high school talent show with his first band the Golden Chords, the principal cut the microphone off because the volume was too loud. Around that time Dylan realized that rock-n-roll wasn’t for him. It wasn’t enough! His catch phase was, “the songs weren’t serious enough or didn’t reflect life in a realistic way”.

After relocating to NYC in 1960 for a record deal, he visited his idol Woody Guthrie in the hospital. Dylan aimed to be the greatest disciple of Guthrie, saying posthumously, “the songs themselves had the infinite sweep of humanity in them”.

In 1962 Zimmerman changed his name to Bob Dylan, and signed his first management deal with Albert Grossman for $10,000 for the exclusive rights to manage him. You pretty much know what happened after that. Success in arguably one of most difficulty industries came fast, songs impacted lives, pissed off the government, and directly inspired such legendary performer as: Joan Baez, Johnny Cash, the Grateful Dead, George Harrison, Mark Knopfler, Tom Petty, the Traveling Willburys, and of course  The Band.

Just like the power company that steps down the high voltage through a series of transforms, Zimmerman took his rock-n-roll roots and separated the rock from the roll focusing on the lyrics instead of the noise. Gospel, folk, jazz, and country influences turned Dylan into one of the world’s greats purveyors of the spoken word. Record sales can attest for that, however, more importantly, in 2016 he was awarded The Nobel Prize For Literature placing him among such greats as: Steinbeck, Sartre, and Camus.

I would love to write more about today’s special rocker, however, I’ll leave that for another blog. Dylan is appearing in Portugal on March 22, 2918 if anyone is up for a road trip. If a fan has the resources to attend such an event, Dylan certainly has the credentials to warrant such an endeavor!

Dylan helped me unravel some of life’s mysteries early on in my life during a critical time when music was everything to everyone. How we looked forward to new singles released on 45’s, scrimped and saved our pennies to be the LP. Going over a friend’s house because they were the only one who had the LP!  Vinyl was worth something in those days. It not only monetary, but what we thought was long lasting intrinsic value, like a message from the bible.

What is left to do with the messages of greats such as Guthrie and Dylan? One can play the songs over and over without worrying about wearing out the vinyl today because of technology, or live the meaning behind the lyrics reaping the benefits which lay just below the surface of any good message. Messaging has become an everyday occurrence these days. We take it for granted because some of us grew up with this technology, or adapted to it as it developed. Often these messages we sent to each other are nothing more that a distraction. Why? Because usually these quick texts have no intrinsic value. They are not long lasting thoughts that may tend to be useful to the recipient, making them a distraction. If you are going to be distracted over and over again each day because of this technology, just make sure you take the time to add value to the interruptions by reflecting on your musical roots. Music is a gift from God to man to help elevate praise through prayer. Each note of the scale, (7) correspond with a frequency with is pleasing to God (your god, my god), giving us an opportunity to multiple pray by the power of 10. If anything, I’ve learned that choosing our words carefully is the first step toward pleasing others, and God as well.

Tomorrow’s blog is about Sir Paul McCartney. If you haven’t read the first two installment’s in this series, please scroll to do so…

much love = peace = iandroid


Aging Rockers (50-75) today Brian Wilson


Yesterday, I wrote about the “Mick”, who I promised via email, to give equal treatment to his industry peers. After achieving “legendary” status, and well deserved accolades, awards, and inductions into the Hall of Fame, what remains for aging rockers?  While I’m waiting on Mick’s reply, let’s speculate. For Brian Wilson (75), referred to by journalists as a “genius”, founder of Art Rock, and the California sound, success happened fast! The music of the Beach Boys will forever be associated with the Californian flower power movement, love, light, and happy feelings, arguably, the polar opposite of what Brian was experiencing after Pet Sounds changed the way most of us heard music at that time.

Surfin’ U.S.A. propels this then 21 year old into instant stardom. By 1966 at the age of (24), Brian was the first pop rocker to have totally autonomy over producing his music.  Pet Sounds is arguably one of the most important albums ever written. It was ground breaking for that time. Brian was even compared to Bach, Beethoven and Mozart. He used the studio as an instrument, spending most of his time there laying creative tracks which eventually, The Beach Boys turned to smash hits. This was unprecedented in the industry at that time. Until Brian’s innovations, the studio was merely a location where one recorded a record. Brian turned it into his playground, and like any other child at play, he learned to express himself, relating to many of us through our childlike minds. He is currently ranked #8, out of the 50 most influential producer that ever lived!

The early 60’s was the beginning of a musical revolution. A new wave of beats, melodies, and lyrics was upon us, as the former slowly relented from the charts. Voices of protest gave rise to smooth jazz, classics, and parochial rock-n-roll, and echoed over the radio like never before. Brian was swimming in the same pond as: the Rolling Stones, Paint It Black, 19th Nervous Breakdown (1966), the Beatles, We Can Work It Out, Paperback Writer, Nowhere Man, Yellow Submarine (1966),  with the Association’s Cherish (1966), in the number two spot. Barbara Ann ranked (79), Sloop John B (61), and Good Vibration (33). Not bad for 24 year old. Although one of my favorite Beach Boys songs didn’t chart in the top 100 for that year, God Only Knows, it should have!

When asked about religion, Brian was always evasive.  A journalist asked Brian if he was religious. Brian’s answer was, “No. I believe in Phil Spector”. I don’t think this was anything more than an enthusiastic 21 year old misplacing his faith in an influential  person, instead of on the God he grew up knowing. When asked if he believed in the afterlife, at first he said, “No”. However, through subsequent interviews, he did say that he believes that “music is God’s voice…”  My favorite Brian quote turns out to be,  “God only knows where I’d be without you”.

The drugs may have taken a toll on Brian’s life, but not on his music. His three year seclusion (most of it spent in bed), was part of his healing process. Something that not only aging rockers go through, but each and every one of us as well. I seriously doubt that Brian ever lost his faith. It’s hard to loose something that is attached to you at birth, (arms, legs, fingers, etc.). Free will gives all of us an opportunity to place less value on our faith as success, money, and power tend to corrupt in an absolute way.  When Brain indicated that “music is God’s voice”, he ultimately surrendered all of the credit for his success, his melodies, and his lyrics to God.

No rockers walk around professing their faith, or quoting the bible. Well, at least none that I know of. However, if you really think about, in reality they all have turned to the master Creator as students of creation… creation of musical compositions, which according to Brian (one of the most successful producers living today),  “…is God’s voice”!






The Forest Years of R&R (50-75)


Okay. Let’s try this a different way. I’m going try to get you to read the bottom of this tread about the soul, by talking about Rock-n-Roll at the top of it. There are plenty of famous musicians getting ready to exit the Forest Years. Mick Jagger (70) hasn’t written a new song since 1989. What were you doing for the past sixteen years after being inducted into the Hall of Fame Mick?

Well, there’s not much to strive for in the industry after you’ve achieved immortality though the R&R Hall of Fame is there? Well, yes there is. Record sales for one. Or, digital download I should say. I’m old school and still think about how the records use to spin at different speed based on how much music was crammed on it. 45’s, 33’s, 78’s? Did I forget any? That being said, if Mick Jagger didn’t achieve this hall of fame status until much later in his lifetime, I’ll bet you that he’d have several, if not a dozen more songs. Why? Because if getting into the R&R Hall of Fame was his ultimate goal, there was no reason to remain in the forest. Like Mick, don’t leave the forest at age 44 just because you have it all. “Mick, I apologize for using you as an example to illustrate this thread, however, such is the price one pays for stardom. If it makes you feel any better, Mick, tomorrow is about Brian Wilson!” iAndroid (copy of thread sent to Mick’s email).

This tread started while visiting a friend’s blog. I don’t have permission yet re-publish it, so I’ll just give you the highlights here and then you can go to her page and read the rest if that’s what you desire to do. The blogger talks about being in the “forest years” 50-75, which is a time when on should be seeking spiritual enlightenment. Emphasis on the should. She mentions how the Maharishi says, (not sure if this is a quote) The wandering elder sanyasis create streams of coherence weaving through society. The tradition is to welcome them as God into your homes wherever they show up, providing them the best of everything the household has to offer.

 I’m with you in the forest, however, I started my spiritual journey at 40. Welcoming the elderly into our home is mutually beneficial. The older we get the more of God’s virtues we get a chance to experience, which then causes or purposes wisdom to happen as a verb in our lives. That’s when I started to see God as a verb, and began the god-ing process reflecting His love and mercy (virtues) as a living example. The forest has tall trees. I try to climb to the top of these spiritual trees to get a panoramic view of what is ahead. Turning 60 in six weeks. If that means climbing trees for another 15 years, then I guess I should have been a lumberjack!

Success in the music industry is measure by tracking sales and how much money a song earns. God measures our success by what we did, how we did, and who we affected in a positive way. It’s funny how we learn about that our soul will be weighed on the scale by the angel Dokeil, and how musical notes are place on a scale to tell that song’s particular story. Our life is a series of songs Each on tells part of our story. Our discography is the sum total of our life’s works (good and bad). I’m so glad that God doesn’t judge us the same way that the recording industry does! If that were so, our soul would be only as valuable as our record sales allow, and let’s face it, the average person is not selling many records! Thank you God for judging us based on the harmony of each note we sing as it crosses heaven’s veil into your holy ears and not on our over-all record sales.

The rest of the musicians left in the forest for subsequent threads are as follows but not limited to: (I always want to say that!)

Brian Wilson (71), Robbie Robertson (70), Al Jardine (71), Graham Nash (71),  Sir Paul McCartney (71), ArtGarfunkel (71), Paulie Simon (72), Bob Dylan (72), plus more in the forrest… and then we learn what happens when we come out of the forest starting with Jerry Lee Lewis (78).

much love = peace = iAndroid




Tuesday gets it done…


Today, Tuesday is a day for getting stuff done. I forget if it was the Romans or the Greeks who named the days of the week after their gods? This day was named for Mars, the god of war, so tread lightly today to avoid conflict. It’s hot amber in color and promotes, honor, justice, and courage. Try to utilize the energy of this day to finish something you’ve already begun and have been putting off!

Musically, Tuesday has brought us such songs as: Ruby Tuesday (the Rolling Stones 1967), Tuesday Afternoon (the Moody Blues 1968), Sunday’s Gonna Come On Tuesday (the New Establishment 1968), and Everything Tuesday (by the Chairman of the Board 1970). Not very many songs about this day, unlike Sunday (30 songs), and Saturday (23 songs). I believe it’s time for someone to write another Tuesday song! Okay, I’ll get started on that right away. You know what would be nice? If other songwriters reading this blog would also take advantage of this day’s energy and also write a Tuesday song! I’m dreaming I guess.

Next topic comes from a fb post by one of my friends who said, ” Be careful not to become the things you hate. I happens more often than not!” Well, from my limited life experience, I find that this seems to come from complaining about what you hate… because when we do, complain which we do, and do often… the universe gets confused and thinks this is what we like, and sends us more of the same! So I stopped complaining in order to get my karma back in balance. Hey, you can’t write a balanced song if you yourself are not balanced. A “lot” in life is just that. It’s a tiny plot of space within our universe (time). The expression that’s his “lot in life” is used to draw focus to what the universe has already give us. It usually has a negative connotation as well. Accepting this “lot” and literally turning it around into a “LOT” meaning plenty, is not as difficult as you think. Simply change the channel in your mind and you will change your thoughts. Recognize dysfunctional thoughts and then stop thinking about them. Dwelling on something is a way of drawing that aspect to us. That is why it is so critically important to “dwell” on what exactly what we want from this UFE (universal field of energy), or your own interpretation of God.
If you are a songwriter and are hitting a wall or pervasive negativity, it’s probably because your chakras are blocked due to an imbalance within your soul. Remember from a previous blog I spoke about worlds within world.. which are the four aspects of humankind: the physical self, the emotion self, the intellectual self, and our spiritual self. Karma is firing on all four cylinders when these worlds are in balance. Unfortunately, most of us rarely do fire of all cylinders. We usually have three aspects working for us, with the fourth going in and out… teasing us by showing us what true balance can feel like, and then evading us until we re-acheive that same consciousness.

i-technology speeds up our lives…

Technology Fever,

I’m posting today from the same window you would and not the admin. panel like I did yesterday. Blogging is brand new to me. So is the technology associated with today’s social media. It’s new to me. It’s confusing. It’s necessary. Modern time is not only getting more complex, but it seems like days are moving along faster than when we were young. Do you feel it? I don’t know if it has something to do with the ever changing tech being release to the public little by little, or us getting older, but it seems as if we are indeed deep within apocalyptic times. I’d like to hear from all of you creative people, just how you are dealing with this situation? Do you believe that technology is far more advanced and is being held back by greedy stockholders of the majors such as auto, insurance and power industries, as well as the mega corporations and Wall Street? Look how Apple releases new features every six months, or how we can shop from our phones now. This wasn’t part of the process 20 years ago. It wasn’t even part of it 10 years ago. I can see transitioning technology as a big risk for the money grabbers. Did you know that Henry Ford refused to change the design of the Model-A for 25 years! His theory was it works, it’s making us money, why mess with it? Thank God his son didn’t see things like that, and Ford was able to grow in the industry along with Chrysler and General Motors who were already developing similar technology. Today, we have FB and other social media sites where years ago we had a “party line” phone call. Does anyone remember that? Can you imagine talking with more than one person at a time? Well, it was a big thing back in the 60’s and 70’s.

We certainly have graduated from our kindergarten minds and are now living in the Twilight Zone. The trick is to not let this unfettered access to others affect you in a negative way. Use social media for what it was intended… to socialize! Yesterday, I read an article about how to use FB to promote your business, so I did. There is nothing social about that at all! Just one more ad in a sea millions of ads clogging your mind, diverting your attention, making you think about buying something you don’t really need. I wonder if there are commercial in heaven? It sounds like something that we’d be subjected to if we were in hell though! If you want to take the first step toward disambiguating yourself from this pervasive, relentless brainwashing, you either have to change the channel everytime a commercial comes on, or turn the television off altogether. I opted for number two back in August of 2017 and my life got better. I don’t care about NCIS, or the Big Bang Theory any more. They entertain but they also drain… they drain motivation right out of you once you get comfortable sitting in from of that big, no I mean really big screen! I replaced television with reading and research, and when I did my mind thanked me. Now, the only time I turn that bad boy on is when I have company and want to accommodate them. If it were up to me, I wouldn’t even own one because today we can do everything on our iPhones and laptops. Let’s keep this discussion going. I covered a few topics in this short entry purposely so there may be more to relate to and therefore I expect to see some good comments. Have a blessed day…

much love = peace = iAndroid

The cosmic meaning of Sunday


Good morning music lovers! Today is an awesome day when you truly believe it to be. Sunday is a day of the sun. It is a perfect day for relaxing, unwinding and connecting with you inner self. This is the one day set aside for tapping into your inner light and radiance. A day of self reflection, spiritual growth, and giving yourself the time necessary to recharge your soul.

The vibrations of Sunday are perfect to focus on matters surrounding your health and well-being. A day for socializing. A day for harmonizing with others and the universe as well. We can accomplish this and truly benefit from these peaceful vibrations by following tradition and set this awesome day aside as a DAY OF REST. I try not to schedule anything to heavy or intense on Sundays so I can focus on me and my personal needs. I break these needs into four categories: physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual. It’s important for all four of the “worlds… within ourself,” always be in balance. “It’s hard to sit on a three legged chair!” It’s not impossible, but it is better for us when all four legs are in tact. Most of us rarely have all four inner worlds firing on all cylinders simultaneously. We usually sync three, with one, (which varies)… going in and out teasing us just enough for us to feel the benefits of inner balance, but eluding us just enough to give stress and anxiety an opportunity to take root.

One of the most important things I’ve learn about Sunday is that it helps us set the tone for the busy week to follow. This is important when building positive karma. Leave your pervasive negativity for the hectic workweek! It has no place within your Sunday. It wan’t until I started paying attention to the true meaning behind the days of the week, what each month represents, the significance of the sun, the moon, the earth and the sky, I was out of balance with the universe. My chakra were blocked and my energy was stifled. Letting go of that horrible feeling that we must possess “things”, many things, the latest things, things to make our lives easier, thing we don’t need… was key in my lifestyle change.

Remember, it’s not your fault. We are product of our environment. Our beliefs are usually formed and sometimes limited early on during our lifetime. We take in just enough to survive and understand what is necessary to function day to day. This is usually due to an overwhelming sense of urgency to conform to what society expects from us, or to do what our parents expect from us without letting them down. Many times as parents, our own failures fuel our expectations for our children. We don’t want to be too easy on them. Our parents weren’t with us. We also don’t want to try to cherry pick their path for them as we all need to discover this for ourselves. So what is left for us to do? Listen. Pay attention. Pause before speaking. Speak the truth. Accept them. Understand them. Guide them… don’t try to lead them. Encourage them to be leaders. Try to be easy to understand. Remember when we were young and our parents tried to lecture us. All we heard was…bla bla bla! You don’t want your child to be thinking that when you speak as well. Life is stressful enough.

At some point in our life, we have to break that cycle and focus on change. Change for the better. This begins with accepting that there is more to us than what we already know, and it we don’t take the time to get to know the rest, we will not experience balance in this lifetime.